The Best Technology Innovations in Sport, Our Pick: Basketball

Today technology is constantly shaping and changing how we see the world and while sports and technology doesn’t always seem like a natural combination, technology has been shaping sport for a while. From improving the game for athletes to making things more compelling for fans.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share some of our favourite innovations.

Sport: Basketball. Innovation: The Shot Clock. Year Introduced: 1954.sportsmed-_sports_technology_shot_clock_1-min


The shot clock made an immediate impact on the new sport. Before it was introduced basketball was struggling to gain traction as a major sport in America. The game was dull and slow, and much to the fans’ disappointment, teams would often hold the ball and stall once they were in front.

Dull was the last thing the NBA wanted and finally after a series of lackluster contests in 1950 -1953 they decided rethink how the game was played.

In 1954, the Syracuse Nationals’ owner, Danny Biasone, introduced the 24-second shot clock. He had experimented with the idea during his team’s scrimmages. The shot-clock was designed to increase pace and increase pace it did!

In 1953, the year before the league adopted the clock, scoring averaged a mere 79 PPG. A year later, thanks to the change, that number jumped to 93 PPG, and the NBA never looked back.

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