• Tailored for function. Focused on health.

    Whether it’s for individuals, teams or a community, we have a suite of products optimised for the performance, reporting and forecasting of your data.

An Important Roadmap

At SMG we work with leading public, private and academic agencies from around the world to develop solutions which will improve the decision-making affecting the health of current and future generations.

With our roots in elite sports science, knowledge and expertise, we have harnessed and refined the smarts and insights of our analytical engine to service the industries of community care, youth and education, and corporate well-being.


A powerful advanced predictive analytics product to support any existing Business Intelligence solution or data tools in an organisation to provide trending patterns, alerts and predictions.


Solutions for insurance, medical, corporate and retail, providing added value with real data analytics and behavioural trending whether buyer-related or lifestyle and health.

Corporate wellness

Solutions to support internal teams whether distant based, travel frequently or are office bound.

Medical and Healthcare

Ageing global populations are testing public and private sector support networks.

The XELA product algorithms are used to provide patterns and predictions of weakness and requirements across facilities and can identify cohorts, regions or individuals requiring support or care.


Team support of the intricate requirements of the armed services.

Community Health

Working with government and agencies to support community health and welfare development.