SMG Technologies shakes up health and fitness market with redefining technology for owners, coaches and athletes

BRISBANE, 29 FEBRUARY 2016 – SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) has today announced the launch of FitBox; a new and innovative proprietary software for the health and fitness market. FitBox provides all the tools for customised business management, reporting and performance tracking for Box owners, coaches and athletes.

Other SMG software products, including SportsMed Elite and Baseline, are used by elite sports teams and professional athletes and feature a proprietary predictive analytics engine to improve performance and prevent injuries. The arrival of FitBox means that box owners, coaches and athletes can now get the same benefits from their workout management system as other individuals within the high-performance sporting community.

FitBox provides the affiliate box owner (purchaser of the software for the box and its members) with business management tools customised for the health and fitness environment. This includes attendance monitoring and reporting, creation of contracts, and revenue and expense tracking.

Athlete wellness is a unique feature within the platform, allowing coaches to monitor their member’s physical and mental wellbeing. As for the individual athlete, FitBox can track and report on, offers social media publishing and mobile app messaging. Furthermore, up to 22 wellness metrics including sleep, stress, fatigue, soreness, motivation, appetite and mood levels can be recorded and monitored.

FitBox’s athlete management functionality also provides weekly leaderboard tracking, programming and analysis.

The need for the development of the FitBox product is supported by independent research by SMG Technologies amongst boxes in Australia and New Zealand.  This research uncovered a gap in the current market of health and fitness specific software. Affiliate owners informed SMG Technologies that current market offerings do not adequately meet expectations in managing their Box. In particular, owners require two streams of functionality including the ability to manage members and their performances, whilst attending to administrative and operational functions of running the business efficiently and ensuring return on investment.

“We are excited to be launching FitBox into the ever-growing health and fitness market,” said Zane Hall, Chief Executive Officer, SMG Technologies. “There is a need to improve business functionality and reporting for all involved, right through from owners to coaches and the members themselves.

“FitBox has been developed with elite athletes and health enthusiasts in mind, and we are proud that SMG Technologies is leading the way when it comes to predictive analytics in the fitness and health space.”


Gene Suna, Managing Director of Again Faster, Australia’s leading provider of box equipment, is also welcoming the arrival of FitBox into the market.

“FitBox is the most comprehensive business management, reporting and performance tracking platform I’ve seen. The buzz around the product within the community highlights the gap in the market that FitBox fills and I’m proud to have been a part of its development.”

FitBox is available to the market now via SMG Technologies for desktop and mobile.