2016 Ballymore Cup winners, Marist College Emerald to implement Baseline technology

CENTRAL HIGHLANDS, 6th May 2016 – Marist College Emerald will implement SMG Technologies’ software, Baseline into their school after their victory in the 2016 Ballymore Cup.

As the prime sponsor of the Ballymore cup, a rugby union competition for grassroots level school boys, SMG Technologies are providing this year’s winner, Marist College Emerald with Baseline; the first product worldwide to offer schools the ability to coordinate and measure performance and wellness of student teams by tapping into the technology engine used by elite professionals and large international colleges.

“We are elated to be given the opportunity to work with Baseline technology. The boys trained extremely hard to get to where they are today and we can’t wait to see the results once we start using Baseline” said Jim Fabish, XV Coach of Marist Emerald College.

Having never used a technology like Baseline to track the boy’s individual health and wellness, the school is eager to tap into the benefits of the coaching tools, wellness monitors, communication tools (mobile app messaging), and monitored training loads.

“It’s a first for our school to be using such insightful software. We’re privileged to be able to use technology of this caliber,” said Fabish.

Using its heritage in high performance analytics with SportsMed Elite, and understanding the pressure on grassroots teams to deliver results, SMG Technologies has designed Baseline to help maximise visibility around patterns of student performance, with the ultimate goal of keeping them performing at their optimum. It also allows staff and students to tackle the demands of team management, whilst providing a predictive model to protect students from potential injury.

Where Baseline comes into its own for school sport is in the communication between staff and students across multiple codes. This allows either party to highlight injuries or patterns, whilst allowing staff to coordinate player identification. With greater clarity and a more holistic picture, staff are able to make more educated decisions, ultimately resulting in more positive sporting results and better-managed budgets.

The Baseline mobile product allows students to easily capture any data metric before, during or after training sessions. This is made even easier by the capacity to integrate over 200 wearable devices into the Baseline product, providing staff with insights into not only training demands, but the demands of a student’s daily life. For Marist College Emerald, approximately 40 students across state and district level rugby union will be exposed fist hand to the benefits of Baseline for the next year.

The Ballymore cup was held on Wednesday 6th April at Ballymore with the final was played as a curtain raiser to the Reds v Chiefs match on Saturday 9 April. SMG Technologies’ CEO, Zane Hall attended the match and provided Marist College Emerald with the Ballymore Cup.