We’re a global software company utilising AI and predictive analytics to innovate products that tackle our greatest health challenges.

Driving activity

Our apps encourage healthy living through measuring physical activity, sleep, mental health and nutrition parameters.

Data collection

We collect data from a variety of sources, platforms, apps or devices. With all measurable parameters acting as valid data points.

Smarter insights

Our artificial intelligent predictive analytics engine, Xela, employs data to extract statistically significant relationships and behavioural patterns.

Our specialities

Corporate wellbeing

Empowering employers to maximise productivity, reduce absenteeism and decrease the risk of chronic illness.

Insurance & Healthcare

Identifying “At risk” profiles for insurance and health-based organisations. Increasing results and financial returns.

Elite physiology

The monitoring and analysis of data from individual elite level capacities in heightened situations.


iOS and Android app designed for organisations to measure and improve employee health.

Utilising machine learning, Xela processes human statistics against our database of 35 million variants, delivering predictive insights.

Advanced concussion testing. Developed with clinical neuropsychologist Dr Andrew Gardner. In development, awaiting launch.

Need direction?

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An artificial intelligent predictive analytics engine automates data collection and analysis, locked behind spreadsheets, wearable devices, and proprietary systems. Providing insights to instill the confidence you need to make informed decisions

Applying health care industry examples, we develop individual risk analysis on possible disease developments. Launching automatic intervention programs, allows us to provide a platform encouraging healthy living. These insights benefit the end user, insurance companies and healthcare providers.

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