SportsMed to become an official supplier for the Queensland Reds

SportsMed is pleased to announce our position as an official supplier to the St George Queensland Reds for 2015.

SportsMed delivers the world’s only software system that aggregates data from multiple sources and third-party devices to deliver quantified insights to help team staff identify real threats to an athlete’s health and performance.

From this information coaches and medical support can apply their own logic and experience to make quicker and more informed decisions for athlete rehabilitation, performance, talent development and injury treatment.

The SportsMed platform’s user-friendly interface enables staff across all departments to easily navigate, capture and view important information on club and player processes. For example Red’s performance staff can easily integrate GPS data from any device to monitor a player’s weekly training load and break down data by any possible metric including age, weight, speed, heart-rate, height and ethnicity. Medical staff can seamlessly upload rehabilitation and strapping instructions, MRI or X-ray scans and even access video footage of the injury from media archives. Military-level security and user-based logins keep the information secure and accessible to authorised staff members.

The Queensland Rugby Union club can also use the cloud-based system to measure and manage all staff and player resources, helping the club to maximise their investment in players, equipment, talent pathways, insurance, medical consults and performance staff.

Heading into the 2015 season, SportsMed will work closely with the Queensland Reds to develop tools to strengthen rugby participation from a grassroots level and support the recruitment and assessment process of young talent.

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