SMG Technologies Partners with Touch Football Australia With Revolutionary Baseline Platform

BRISBANE, 13 AUG 2016 – SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) is excited to officially announce the official sporting body, Touch Football Australia will use its leading Baseline software.

Baseline provides teams with the ability to maximise resources, protect athletes and enhance performance with predictive insights into sports, wellness and performance data.

According to Wayne Grant, Head of Performance at Touch Football Australia, “Where Baseline came into its own was with performance and communication tools for coaches and players. The advantages will mean that injuries or patterns can be highlighted and then allow staff to coordinate player identification. We feel the insights and intelligence gathered will provide greater clarity and a more holistic picture necessary to make more educated decisions and continue to increase more positive sporting results,”

The Baseline platform is designed to help maximise visibility around patterns of athlete performance, with the ultimate goal of keeping athletes playing at their best. It also allows coaches to tackle the demands of team management, whilst providing a predictive model to protect athletes from potential injury. From the data, Baseline delivers personalised insights into each athlete and allows behavioural trends, surveillance, triage and many other critical variables to be measured and managed.

Touch Football Australia’s staff and athletes will have access to key features of the Baseline software. These include; data capture, coaching, physiotherapy, gps integration, wearable connectivity, video and document library, customised reporting, the wellness app and mobile app integration. Connected communication tools including group messaging management will further support communication across the organisation.

Anita Sirotic, SMG Technologies’ Head of Performance and Sport Science is delighted with the partnership and understands the importance for the system’s use, as an avid fan of the sport herself. “We are excited to be working with Touch Football Australia. Playing the sport myself, I know how valuable the system will be in supporting the organisation to facilitate high quality duty of care for players. I feel the insights and intelligence delivered from Baseline and immediately communicated to staff in real-time via web-platform, mobile app and email messaging, will really enable coaching staff to manage player performance. The insights will enable Touch Football Australia to make intelligent decisions at a strategic level and daily interventions made where necessary.”

“We are looking forward to working with the experts at SMG Technologies and utilising the advancements within their Baseline system such as gps integration and wearable connectivity. Our athletes train extremely hard and we are excited to see the results from using technology of this calibre” concluded Wayne.

Further information on Baseline can be found here