Australia’s Youth to Benefit from Performance Analytics

Survey reveals key issues facing health + wellness amongst our youth

Australian company SportsMed has today revealed the results of a targeted survey that unveils the challenges facing young Australians when it comes to leading a healthy and successful life.

Amongst the key challenges faced, productivity, lack of sleep, nutrition and overall stress levels were found to have a direct impact on their overall health and wellness. Importantly, sleep was found to be one of the single most important factors, with correlations found between improving sleep quality and; improved mood / motivation, improved appetite and a reduction in stress / fatigue. Supporting research showed that participation in sport was also found to have a positive impact.

The findings were revealed the inaugural SportsMed Leadership Summit, held today in Queensland, aimed at unveiling key health and wellness trends for young people. The trends covered by the Summit included balance, leadership and technology. The research was captured from attendees of the 33 secondary schools in attendance.

Zane Hall, CEO of SportsMed believes that using sport and technology to address health and wellness factors in young people is increasingly relevant and important given the acknowledged issues around mental health, diet and nutrition in Australia.

We have seen from ABS data that there has been a decrease in the number of Australians participating in sport and physical recreation in the last year, with Queenslanders recording the lowest participation rate in the country at 54 per cent.

SportsMed is the only organisation globally to be working with the youth market to provide the tools and technology to improve their health and wellness. Knowledge is the key to making this a reality and we’re very proud that SportsMed is making this such a priority.”

Operated by SportsMed, the Summit was attended by students and teachers and included sessions focused on health and wellness trends, with themes around balance, leadership and how technology can play a direct role in encouraging young people to monitor, measure and evaluate their lifestyle choices for optimum success.

The event included panel sessions with SportsMed ambassadors including Australian cricket and footballer Ellyse Perry, professional triathlete Sam Betten and Queensland Reds player Curtis Browning, as well as being MC’d by NRL legend Gorden Tallis. All provided attendees with their advice and anecdotes about how they have found balance between key commitments and managed their overall health and wellness throughout their professional careers.

SportMed and Summit ambassador Sam Betten said: As a professional triathlete my job is to push my mind and body above and beyond my physical and mental limits on a daily basis. It’s taken a number of years for me to feel my absolute best mentally and as many young people experience today, it’s not all easy – whether you’re an elite athlete or not.

SportsMed gives me the best possible support network to monitor my training, so being able to communicate my learnings from this with young people is a privilege.

The SportsMed software platform provides deep insights into all sports, wellness and performance data, with the objective of helping individuals to perform at their best.

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