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360° View on Health

Kiqplan, a powerful wellbeing solution, aimed at improving workplace health through measurable small steps, adjusting habits to enhance positive workplace trends.

A Digital Wellness platform developed on the principles of four pillars of workplace wellbeing: Activity, nutrition, sleep and mental health. 

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Be Challenged

Research suggests 12 weeks is required to implement behavioural changes. Our corporate challenges provide the momentum for positive change, through inspiring healthy competition and building team spirit.

Informed Decisions

Kiqplan’s reporting provides the toolkit required to understand your company’s wellbeing status.  Monitor the impact and refine employee goals, to deliver a return on investment.

Tracking Made Easy

Kiqplan integrates with a variety of devices and applications to track steps, calories and sleep.  Tracking, monitoring, syncing and reporting on data is what we do best, allowing employees to make informed decisions regarding their health.

The Kiqplan Feature Set


Kiqplan includes:

  • 12 weeks step challenges (team and individual)
  • Exercise program videos
  • Fitness test
  • Historical look of activity
  • Monitor steps and distances
  • Access to industry relevant articles


Kiqplan includes:

  • Nutritional diary
  • Barcode scanner
  • Access to recipes
  • Access to industry blogs
  • Calorie counting and reporting
  • Water intake
  • Manual log of food intake


Kiqplan includes:

  • Hours slept
  • Reporting
  • Wearable integrations to monitor sleep levels
  • Physical activity monitoring

Mental Health

Kiqplan includes:

  • Mindful Breathing
  • Mood recording
  • Predetermined exercise programs
  • Sleep tracking
  • Access to industry relevant articles

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