• Attention to enquiry is what sets us apart.

The Best Innovation is Human Centred

We take pride in not just making great software but being a multi-channel industry leader. We provide diverse solutions for a wide range of enterprises in the sports, healthcare and insurance sectors with a focus being Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The key is to take the best of machine learning and combine it with the best in human insight, ingenuity and creativity. At SMG we call it human analytics, and it is the core of everything we do.

The team behind our cutting edge platforms includes engineers, data analysts and mathematicians but also sports scientists, nutritionists, creative designers and experts from all of our enterprise partners.

It is this combination of expertise in different areas that has allowed us to create a system that is different to anything else out there right now, one that derives optimal, tangible solutions for real people from the most advanced data analytics.

Our Research

Reseach and Development is a major focus for our organisation and another reason for what sets us apart. Currently, we spend 4-5% of our total revenue in this area and proudly do the majority of this work in-house.

Our team of experts in the SMG Innovation Lab works with specialists and other visionaries at the forefront of business, technology, science, high performance and healthcare. We collaborate with elite athletes, wearable technology designers, entrepreneurs, partners and customers to create, develop, test and implement new solutions. Our investment and placement of PHD students from leading universities into customers allows us to gain insights and provide real-time value to the channel. The Innovation Lab is transforming the technology industry through pioneering research that spearheads the data revolution.

We implement ongoing improvements and updates to all of our products, developing innovative and practical solutions and remain at the forefront of technology advancements.

Our breakthrough technologies stem from research that places across all areas of the business. To cater for different user levels and requirements, we collaborate with elite and recreational users, customers and partners.

Focus groups

Our focus groups cover a full spectrum of topics, ranging from team athlete and human performance, new technology requirements in the enterprise and global healthcare challenges and delivery models. Key outcomes are focused on the ability to deliver technical solutions that provide knowledge transfer, gain customer feedback and for co-innovation.

A recent focus group on the emergence and growth of wearable devices sources enabled the enhancement in our methods of capturing and reporting data.


Leadership and athlete workshops have been conducted for support and research into the performance, wellness and duty of care of the youth and schools sector. Attendees are invited to participate in studies and data collection prior to the events in order to showcase key findings that affect youth in school and life. For example, the impact that sleep and technology have on health, wellness and daily-perceived productivity.

With research findings, our experts are able to educate youth and their support network and share insights addressing key issues in the fields of nutrition, mental wellness, sleep and sports science.

A Case Study on how sleep deprivation impacts cognitive and behavioral success.

Key findings of how sleep and technology use impacts the health, wellness and daily perceived productivity of 130 youth athletes. Data collected and analysed using our Mobile and Web Platform.

Collaborative research with medical experts from leading universities

We enhance our solution modules with the assistance of experienced experts with both a research and practical background in healthcare, sports and technology. This will ensure the methods that are established are valid and effective while being simple and easy to implement. Currently, we are working with experts in breakthrough research for our solution Head zone, a concussion management tool.

PhD Research programs with Leading Universities

Dedicated to the growth of knowledge and innovation in the fields of sports science, corporate and community health and technology, we work with PhD students from leading universities to validate our tools and practices.