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For Health Organisations:

Xela was originally developed for use within the Health Industry. SMG’s core philosophy of providing technology that improves lives and mitigates the likelihood of risk, meant the health industry was top of mind when developing Xela. Xela has successfully supported health insurance agencies with analysis of their data in order to develop intervention and prevention programs.

By analysing ICD codes (International Classification of Disease codes), Xela was able to deliver insights to health insurance agencies in order to develop intervention and prevention programs. Xela was used to consolidate and structure medical and lifestyle data in episodes by medical procedures, diagnostics and “groups” (for example, top claiming groups and chronic disease groups). This results in the identification of patterns in behaviours that can then be used to predict the future “journey” for members. Examples of some of the data insights Xela provided include:

  • What does the claiming profile look like for a “top claimer”, five years before the commencement of the claims?
  • Who are the current members that exhibit the same risk factors/claiming profile as the “top claimers”?
  • What is the forecasted claiming pattern after a major intervention or treatment?
  • What does the claiming profile look like for a member at future risk of a chronic disease, five years before the onset of the disease? (eg cardiovascular disease, chronic kidney disease, diabetes).
  • What is the forecasted claims in the two to five years after a member receives cancer treatment?
  • What is the average length of time between stage 1 or 2 chronic kidney disease to diagnosis of stage 3 or 4?
  • What historical claim trends point towards the progression of a chronic disease?

These insights provide health funds with the opportunity to become enablers of healthy lifestyles, by shifting healthcare from reactive treatment to proactive prevention.

If you are a health organisation collecting data through use of ICD codes, contact us today for an obligation free discussion regarding the potential insights Xela can provide with your data.

Medical support and devices

In conjunction with medical and health-associated organisations, our science and research teams develop and enhance solutions to provide individuals with a more holistic health and wellness outcome. The aggregated data from a number of sources including medical devices can instantly integrate to mobile devices and cloud-based portals for authorised physicians to access and review.

The information obtained from medical devices is collated with an individual’s existing medical, nutrition, fitness and wellness data. With a patient’s cumulative, holistic health and wellness history at their fingertips, a medical professionals can make in-depth and accurate assessments, support decision-making and improve patient outcomes.

Food and Nutrition

With many of the current global health challenges being attributed to food and nutrition, it is increasingly important for individuals, companies, governing bodies and medical organisations to have information at their fingertips – to gain knowledge, reflect patterns and to trigger alerts to alter behaviours with possible issues.

With the ability to customise variables within the SMG platform, the analytics engine can turn data into insightful information. Food items can be broken down to include; calories, carbohydrates, proteins, fats, sugar and salt and this is further complimented with eating diaries, fitness programs, exercising goals an achievements.

SMG provides a two-way relationship that protects individual health and wellness goals.

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