SMG Technologies Brings Professional Athlete Management to Sport Teams and Clubs with the Launch of FITeam

BRISBANE, 20 September 2016 – SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) has today launched FITeam; a product offering grassroots teams through to clubs of all sporting codes the opportunity to tap into the technology engine used by elite professionals, but without the budget restriction.

FITeam is designed to maximise training and game day performances by facilitating communication and management between coaches, administrators, members and players. It also allows coaches and athletes to gain visibility around patterns of athlete performance, with the ultimate goal of sustaining optimal performance, protection from potential injury, and maintaining physical and mental wellbeing. The power of elite technology now available for sports and clubs of any code and any size – with finance management included for unlimited members and access to a supporting mobile app for messaging and wellness tracking, FITeam is a world first. This is not another coaching or athlete management tool.

FITeam pulls all your important data into one location, allowing you to immediately start coordinating an unlimited number of members or students, across dozens of codes if needed. By aggregating of all the information, those with limited time, resources and budgets can make sense of the data via easily shareable one-click reports and injury logs. The platform allows data to be uploaded from different sources including Microsoft Excel, CSV files, or direct entry. XELA, FITeam’s powerful performance engine, then allows users to perform statistical analysis on the data sets in a few easy steps, providing insight and value via an extensive range of reporting tools. FITeam delivers return on investment to schools, clubs or teams.

“We wanted to create a product that was all-inclusive; one that could be used across multi-code clubs and schools and by teams of any size. That’s exactly what we have with FITeam. Its incredible versatility and affordability make it accessible for just about everyone.”

FITeam ensures player welfare is at the heart of the system

“FITeam ensures player welfare is at the heart of the system, monitoring all facets including mental, physical and technical performance, injury management and team logistics. Supporting coaching staff can get the most out of their athletes, and it gives athletes visibility over their own continuous improvement” said Dr. Anita Sirotic, Head of Performance and Sports Science at SMG Technologies.

FITeam is a centralised cloud-based platform that can consolidate data and gain insight into athlete training and wellness metrics. The mobile app allows athletes to easily capture any data before, during or after a training session, and provides coaching staff with the visibility into not only their training demands but also how it affects their daily lives. Performance, mental wellbeing and injury alerts can be automated and sent directly to staff to improve the insight they have into an athlete’s performance and wellness – even without logging into the FITeam platform.

“We know from local government reports that levels of participation – and importantly engagement – in sport are low; and that’s an issue. The beauty of FITeam is that it allows for open communication between coaches and athletes or members when it comes to really obtaining an understanding of their data points and wellness metrics like sleep quality, stress, fatigue, general soreness, motivation, appetite and mood levels. There’s complete collaboration and we are seeing this have a very positive effect on how people view sport, athlete retention and growth and ultimately the enjoyment they get from it,” said Dr Sirotic.

Kangaroos Head Trainer Craig Catterick believes that grassroots teams and local clubs of any sport will see reduced risk of injury and greater member value from the use of FITeam.

“Grassroots through to semi-elite teams work towards the same outcomes as professional teams”

“Grassroots through to semi-elite teams work towards the same outcomes and scenarios as professional teams, but they also have added complications because of the need to balance their own performance with families, full time jobs and other sporting commitments.”

“I’ve seen it first-hand. Because concentration is so divided, there is more chance of injury because training and the daily demands of life outside of training is not monitored properly. FITeam helps protect against injury because you can store all performance and injury or health records for players over years.”

This provides particular peace of mind when it comes to duty of care for coaches and staff in school environments, where the IP of an athlete stays with the team and club and is not lost with a change in personnel. It can also be shared with parents for further support around health and wellness away from the sporting arena.

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