SMG Technologies to feature at Connected Health Asia 2016

In May, SMG Technologies will be taking part in Connected Health Asia, one of the largest conferences for healthcare professionals in the Asia Pacific region. The conference, now in its third consecutive year, is a platform for the industry to share and explore insights around operational efficiencies, and practical implementation of innovative & connected technologies, to support the delivery of quality healthcare services.

SMG Technologies will be exclusively presenting Predictive Analytics & the Individual. This session focuses exclusively on Connected Health, Predictive Healthcare Analytics and Big Data.

SMG Technologies aims to deliver unique insights on how predictive analytics can be used to reshape engagement models and truly “connect” the healthcare ecosystem with the patient.

Additionally, SMG will feature a second time as a panelist, to discuss the role of partnerships, when looking at implications of security, privacy and transparency in Big Data

Connected Health Asia will run across 4 days (24-27 May, 2016) at the Grand Capthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore.

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