• Digital Wellbeing Revolution

Leveraging the Power of Data from any source including Wearables and Devices

With the increase in use of smart clothing, wearables, health devices and smart technologies (ABI research forecasting device shipments of 485 million by 2018) there has been a greater drive from business and consumers to measure and track granular data details. Not only to measure but understand what all the data means, those insights and the application to the organisation or the individual.  Whether that be financial objectives, employee engagement metrics or personal health, wellbeing and fitness.

Clothing brands see a future in using advanced technology to deliver this added value and have integrated components into their apparel to address this growing need. Sports enthusiasts and elite athletes can gain an edge through smartwear that monitors heart, respiratory and movement activity to support and enhance active lifestyles. The everyday athlete or consumer wishing to advance their overall well being or to understand not just what they have done, but how they can achieve a personal goal is core to our focus.

The corporate executive seeks to gain further understanding of the “health” of their workforce, to support wellbeing initiatives that can lead to cost saving with recruitment, retention and ongoing healthcare costs.

Enterprises and healthcare providers have a strong interest in data points of patients, preferably with members or indivuduals journey prior to a health “incident”. Analysing health data with the purpose of introducing intervention and prevention programs to reduce risk of disease.

The use of AI and analytics means we can work with organisations to support the delivery of programs that can motivate employees, gather more detailed information on customers for buying or performance behaviours and to offer preventative and intervention programs for healthcare.

With a proven results background in athlete training, performance, protection and monitoring, SMG continues to partner with organisations around the globe to address data insights and deliver results. 

To remain at the forefront of innovation, SMG works closely with those transforming the technology and innovation space across the globe.

We work directly with our customers on what wearable or device source they are wanting to connect with, what information they need to analyse and the objectives for the wider business with additional data sources included in the deeper analysis.

As the range of devices and sources of data points expands in the consumer space, visionary enterprise organisations are looking at ways to capture behaviour patterns – in terms of lifestyle activities and purchasing. To understand all the variables and how they connect and represent insights to support decision making, we offer the Xela product solution.

We can connect with most wearable or third party devices that are popular in the enterprise and consumer space and have a science team that work in the field of collation and predictive commerce so that there are true benefits and outcomes from the devices.

Our platform is a connected technology ecosystem