• SMG is committed to ensuring your data is secure

Modern threats such as hackers and online predators need to be taken seriously.

SMG ensures the security of all client data through secure hosting, software and servers, and the highest level of encryption available.

Server Hosting

Virtual private servers are housed in several secured data centres across the globe.

Each of these facilities enforces multiple layers of security via a variety of technological and human measures such as two-factor authentication. The virtual servers are fully separate from others ensuring that malicious servers cannot access the data.

Connections to client’s data are limited to the SMG Servers and network. Only select SMG staff have access to client’s databases for maintenance purposes only. No unauthorised person, SMG staff or other clients have access to SMG  infrastructure and network.

Secure Access

All client access to SMG systems is handled via the front-end Web Application, which utilises SSL Certificates to ensure that all data transferred to and from the SMG Servers is encrypted and secure end to end.

The Advanced Encryption Standard is a security measure used to protect classified information and is implemented in software and hardware throughout the world to encrypt sensitive data.

Data Segregation

Every SMG client’s data is separated, stored and recorded at either the individual or team/company level. This ensures all data presented to each user is limited to the level they have been given permission to access and they are unable to access unauthorised data.


SMG servers are hosted in world-class data centres with locations throughout the world.

Server infrastructures can be scaled across any of these centres, to handle increases in traffic at any time.

Data Sovereignty

SMG hosts all company services with Amazon AWS to ensure a consistent level of service globally while still complying with local regulations and government or law restrictions regarding the location of the personal/health related data.

While Amazon AWS is not available in all countries or regions their services provide a number of convenient features that enable the provision of High Availability at reasonable prices. If clients require their services to be housed in ‘local’ data centres outside of the Amazon centres, the SMG team is highly skilled, equipped and happy to cater for these special requests, in this case, a local hosting is requested.

Please note that some elements of the High Availability offerings may not be available due to the dependency on the local data centre, or may incur additional costs.

Redundancy, Failover and Backup

Data centres in multiple cities address issues associated with redundancy, failover and backup.

All SMG’s products stay online and are available 24/7 – even in the case of local blackouts or other network disruptions.

Data is replicated across sites in each geographic region, ensuring that customer information is never lost or service interrupted. Automated failover procedures are adopted in servers and systems ensuring continuous availability and reliability.

Privacy Compliance

The solution provided by SMG is compliant with the European privacy standards (The Data Protection Directive of the European Union).

Complying with the strict regulations around the processing, storing and the transferring of the data, the solution ensures all health and personal information remains confidential and secure.

At SMG stringent security policies for protecting the privacy and confidentiality of user data is enforced. Best in class network infrastructure, physical security, and technical controls is delivered, all of which helps to ensure the protection of health information truly stays safe.

Third Party Access

The SMG API allows automated and remote accessibility of human analytics data using the SMG product system and Xela System processing engine.

The SMG platform is built on a powerful and robust API granting the ability to create a completely customised experience.

The API is secured authentication system and an SSL connection to ensure data is secured. The SMG platform enables data being transferred via its secure API for constant (live or ongoing) data integration or one-off import of data onto the platform.

To date the platform is integrated with several data sources ranging from private health data sets, sports and statistical information of games and matches, injuries classification, supplements and nutrition databases, finance systems and inclusive of unique proprietary systems.