The world by wearables – how wearables will shape the consumer experience beyond the fitness space

In a recent blog post Zane Hall, CEO SMG Technologies, discussed how the ‘Internet of Things’ shaping the world of sport will also shape the world around us. In the article Hall discusses SMG Technologies’ (SMG) rich history in sports, pointing towards the SportsMed Elite data analytics platform, and goes on to describe how these types of analytics platforms will find their way from the sports field to the boardroom.

The transition is already happening in the UK, the USA, and to a smaller extent in Australia. A recent article in The Weekend Australian notes how one Logistics Company and another insurance firm are adopting wearable technology to monitor staff well being – Wearables let firms monitor staff health.

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How the ‘Internet of Things’ shaping the world of sport will also shape the world around us

‘The Internet of Things’ is one of those buzz terms of our times, and whilst its exact meaning is contentious, the general premise is relevant to all the changes we’re currently seeing in the world both from an industry and consumer standpoint. The world of sport is no different. This ‘Internet of things’ is shaping our industry and at rate that has never been seen before.

Sport is an industry in which progress is seemingly constant, is thoroughly analysed and readily apparent to the mass consumer audience. Every year, in elite sport, we are witness to new levels of competence. New world records, new challenges and new feats of humankind. It is often wondered what we will see next and how we’re able to keep improving human performance.

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