How IoT can prolong athletes’ careers

Originally posted on by Peter Gutierrez on Jul 28 2016

PREDICTIVE analytics is being used to gain insights into athletes’ future performance.

The use of the Internet of Things and predictive analytics in sports is rapidly growing – and is now being used to improve the long-term wellbeing and health of professional athletes, according to a prominent industry executive.

“If you look at technology over the last five years, especially the hardware to help measure performance such as heart rate monitors or GPS trackers, it’s still very much a growth market,” said Zane Hall, CEO and founder of SMG Technologies.

“Sports franchises are looking for ways to move away from traditional methods of player performance tracking and analysis, such as Excel spreadsheets, which makes it difficult for them to look back at historical data and to take forward-looking actions,” he told IoT Hub.

Hall pointed to the growing number of ex-athletes whose post-career lives were hampered by injuries sustained during careers, and then suing their former teams for not providing the appropriate duty of care.

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Asia Healthcare Summit 2016 – The New Technology Frontier

The 2nd Asia Healthcare Summit, held in Singapore, brought together more than 300 of the healthcare industry’s leading minds and representatives. These included public, government, private, insurers, subject matter experts, and industry partners.

The conference covered three key areas; connected health, healthcare facilities, and health insurance – each area having its own nuances. Being the only advanced analytics partner in attendance, SMG Technologies was proud to feature in both a panel discussion, as well as a keynote presentation on the role of advanced analytics in healthcare. SMG Technologies shared key insights into the benefits of advanced analytics as a predictive tool within organisations and how the meaningful and purposeful application of intelligent data analytics can vastly improve healthcare outcomes.

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The Rise of Human Analytics

Technology has made design mainstream.

Through the supercomputers in our pockets, whether via Apple’s generation-defining flat design or Google’s ubiquitous Material visual framework, the public consciousness has raised its expectations of how things should look, function, and feel.

New fields of design are constantly born within this accelerated digital culture and the search for user-interface and customer-experience validation has driven the creative and marketing industries to the same paralysis facing everyone – too much data.

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Predicting Sports Outcomes Through Human Analytics

As SMG Technologies’ sports science expert, Naomi Wallis talks about the power of using Human Analytics to help manage and predict a sporting team’s performance. According to Naomi, the guesswork has been taken out using Human Analytics and will really help in the development of tailored strategies and programs for individual athletes and teams.

The movie “MoneyBall” highlighted the life one of the greatest baseball managers of all time. Billy Beane was a great baseball manager. It is as simple as that. He took an off the cuff baseball team and trusted data over signing potentials and big dollars. And it paid off, taking the Oakland A’s from a losing team to a formidable force. The utilisation of linear data is just the start of where the future of sport is heading. Analysing data to get the most out of the sporting talent of our generation is putting it lightly. Trusting truth over instinct will result in greater performances on and off the field. Combine this truth with, the best in wearable technology and biometric tracking factors such as underlying health issues, nutritional intake and sleep with the very best medical knowledge to provide individual insights and predictions. At SMG, we call this concept “human analytics.”

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Improving Health Outcomes, One Individual at a Time

At this week’s 10th Annual Health Insurance Asia 2016 conference, I am looking forward to discussing the many benefits of advanced analytics, as a predictive tool within organisations. The meaningful & purposeful application of intelligent data analytics, can vastly improve outcomes within healthcare. Whether these be health specific, risk specific, intervention focused, and so on, intelligent data analytics is key to moving forward, and provides opportunities for healthcare organisations and consumers to drive lower costs and support better health.

The event will see me go in to further detail on how intelligent data analytics can reshape & improve engagement models on a population / cohort level, but in particular, how this benefits each unique individual.

I have included the below, as a high level guide to our upcoming presentation:


Data comes from all sorts of sources & programs, and in many formats. The role of SMG Technologies, as an intelligence company that delivers in software, is one that helps connect these disparate silos of data. Our proprietary analytics engine, Xela, helps organisations understand relationships, correlations and key insights from their existing data, to be able to make informed decisions and see a holistic view of each unique customer. Understanding patterns in relationships can also help improve engagement models, support prevention, wellness and coordinated care strategies. In the area of healthcare, understanding these relationships and having a strong analytics platform is no longer a nice-to-have asset, it is an operational necessity to tactically and strategically operate in the space of prevention.

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Improving Health Outcomes, One Point at a Time

Data does (and always will) move faster than infrastructure. That’s a truth; and one that’s never more apparent than when we look at the health & wellness industries.

In just under a month I will be winging my way to Singapore for the health event of the region; The Annual Asia Healthcare Summit. This event serves as a key platform for analysing and discussing where the industry is moving, and what we – as experts & innovators in the field – can do to support the sector into the future.

I expect that within the two-day conference, ‘data’ will be a rather topical subject.

As we know, one of the biggest challenges facing the health sector is the amount of provision required for preventable lifestyle and related illnesses. Illnesses like obesity, type-2 diabetes & cardiovascular disease, are putting a strain on health systems and adding complications for insurance companies. This is a very real issue, and one that is only becoming more prevalent across the world.

The purposeful, meaningful application of advanced analytics, ensures vast improvements to engagement models, supporting the efficient & effective delivery of prevention, wellness & coordinated care strategies. It allows for greater personalisation, with fewer resources, providing reach & scale in a sector hamstrung by cost pressures & legacy business models.

SMG Technologies, is an intelligence company that delivers in software. Our global panel of subject matter experts, our unique offering in Human Analytics, and our track record of sustainably improving health outcomes, has us well placed at the forefront of the digital transition as we move the sector into the future.

If you are attending the Asia Healthcare Summit, you can find me speaking at the 10th Annual Health Insurance Asia event in following sessions:

Day One
Session: Predictive Healthcare Analytics and the individual
Time: 15:50
Format: Presentation

Day Two
Session: Changing Customer Behaviour – What’s work and what doesn’t?
Time: 13:30
Format: Panel participation

For further information on Health Insurance Asia visit:

Sport Techie Interviews Zane Hall, CEO, on the Future of Health & Performance Athletes

Software does not replace enterprising CEOs or divisional managers but it has certainly helped and enhanced decision making.

Sport Techie’s Clint Vojdinoski (and Sports Business Insider Australia) shares how SMG Technologies is using new predictive software to improve the health and performance of athletes and is transforming the sport and fitness industry globally.

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The Quantified Self – what it means and why we should care

“The unexamined life is not worth living”.

The Socrates quote is one of my personal favourites. It is the mantra that led me to the quantified self (QS) movement back in 2011. I have always been impressed by self-aware people and therefore it was easy for me to relate to QS ways of thinking.

The idea of quantified self refers to the counting and assessing of all daily activity to get a better understanding of who and what you really are. The idea is to look at every aspect of your life and there is no doubt some of the things you discover will scare you. You must assess things like how much TV you watch, how much time you spend looking into a mirror or how dependent you are on your smartphone. One popular manifestation of the QS movement is to track the number of steps you have taken in a day, for instance.

It goes without saying that times are changing and I firmly believe that you simply can’t expect a long and full life without working for it.

However, in the age of QS maybe we should be examining the examiners more closely?

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SMG Technologies named as one of Tech23 companies for 2015

SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) has been selected as one of the Tech23 companies for 2015, recognised as a world-class start up, tackling big problems through innovative technical expertise. See the link below for the full report:

SMG Technologies – Tech23 2015