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Software Monitors Health and Wellbeing

Originally posted on educationtoday.com.au  on August 26 2016

Brisbane based SMG Technologies has introduced Baseline, the first product available to offer the ability to tap into the same technology used by elite sporting professionals and large international colleges.

Baseline centralises communication tools, notifications and data from any source on staff and student health, wellbeing, training and performance. XELA, a predictive analytic engine collates, monitors and analyses the information and provides trends and changes in wellness, health or injury or behavioural patterns. This allows staff to be alerted to any issues, potential injuries or health concerns as well as saving valuable time with communicating and coordinating across large student numbers and sporting codes.

The Baseline platform can integrate with current school systems. Students, athletes and staff can access the mobile tool and update up to 22 Baseline metrics including sleep quality, fatigue, motivation, appetite, injury related variable and stress levels for that day.

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SMG Technologies – Supporting the 2015 Young Achievers Rugby League Kokoda Trail

SMG Technologies’ SportsMed Elite mobile application was taken to a whole new altitude when a group of Australian athletes ventured into the Papua New Guinea jungle. The group  climbed the historical Kokoda Track, taking part in the 2015 Young Achievers Rugby League Kokoda Trail Tour.

The group of 25 Rugby young achievers and support staff from Queensland and New South Wales, visited PNG to walk the historical trail for three key reasons/aims/motives. The first was for historical reflections on the extreme conditions and challenges faced by earlier generations of young soldiers fighting in the PNG jungle during WWII, what they may have faced and the personal, emotional and physical struggles they addressed. The second was to celebrate their chosen sporting success in Rugby League and their selection to represent Australia in the U16s match v PNG playing before the Papua New Guinea Prime Minister’s X111. The final motivator for the challenge of the tour was to carry with them and provide much-needed supplies and donations to support local PNG communities.

The Kokoda Trail

One of the world’s greatest and most famous treks of 96 kilometres, connecting PNGs Southern and Northern coasts, the trail passes through steep valleys, jungle, rainforest and rugged mountainous terrain, testing the most experienced of adventurers.

A journey to challenge and inspire, offering a life-changing and unforgettable experience, the selected athletes had never anticipated the true impact of the natural demands the trail faced, let alone what had occurred decades earlier. The Kokoda trail and Sogeri area have a deep history of fighting between the Japanese and Australian armies in WWII. The equipment they carried, the battles they endured and the climatic challenges were reflected on and provided inspiration to the team over the two-week journey.

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Improving Health Outcomes, One Individual at a Time

At this week’s 10th Annual Health Insurance Asia 2016 conference, I am looking forward to discussing the many benefits of advanced analytics, as a predictive tool within organisations. The meaningful & purposeful application of intelligent data analytics, can vastly improve outcomes within healthcare. Whether these be health specific, risk specific, intervention focused, and so on, intelligent data analytics is key to moving forward, and provides opportunities for healthcare organisations and consumers to drive lower costs and support better health.

The event will see me go in to further detail on how intelligent data analytics can reshape & improve engagement models on a population / cohort level, but in particular, how this benefits each unique individual.

I have included the below, as a high level guide to our upcoming presentation:


Data comes from all sorts of sources & programs, and in many formats. The role of SMG Technologies, as an intelligence company that delivers in software, is one that helps connect these disparate silos of data. Our proprietary analytics engine, Xela, helps organisations understand relationships, correlations and key insights from their existing data, to be able to make informed decisions and see a holistic view of each unique customer. Understanding patterns in relationships can also help improve engagement models, support prevention, wellness and coordinated care strategies. In the area of healthcare, understanding these relationships and having a strong analytics platform is no longer a nice-to-have asset, it is an operational necessity to tactically and strategically operate in the space of prevention.

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Perry happy to be back at Pymble

Ellyse Perry is featured by The North Shore Times on 6 May 2016, demonstrating to high performance athletes and students at Pymble Ladies’ College how they can best use SMG Technologies’ pioneering new technology, Baseline, to balance their studies and sporting commitments.

Our thanks to Ellyse for taking some time out from her busy training schedule to visit her former school and discover a few budding sporting stars of her own!

Improving Health Outcomes, One Point at a Time

Data does (and always will) move faster than infrastructure. That’s a truth; and one that’s never more apparent than when we look at the health & wellness industries.

In just under a month I will be winging my way to Singapore for the health event of the region; The Annual Asia Healthcare Summit. This event serves as a key platform for analysing and discussing where the industry is moving, and what we – as experts & innovators in the field – can do to support the sector into the future.

I expect that within the two-day conference, ‘data’ will be a rather topical subject.

As we know, one of the biggest challenges facing the health sector is the amount of provision required for preventable lifestyle and related illnesses. Illnesses like obesity, type-2 diabetes & cardiovascular disease, are putting a strain on health systems and adding complications for insurance companies. This is a very real issue, and one that is only becoming more prevalent across the world.

The purposeful, meaningful application of advanced analytics, ensures vast improvements to engagement models, supporting the efficient & effective delivery of prevention, wellness & coordinated care strategies. It allows for greater personalisation, with fewer resources, providing reach & scale in a sector hamstrung by cost pressures & legacy business models.

SMG Technologies, is an intelligence company that delivers in software. Our global panel of subject matter experts, our unique offering in Human Analytics, and our track record of sustainably improving health outcomes, has us well placed at the forefront of the digital transition as we move the sector into the future.

If you are attending the Asia Healthcare Summit, you can find me speaking at the 10th Annual Health Insurance Asia event in following sessions:

Day One
Session: Predictive Healthcare Analytics and the individual
Time: 15:50
Format: Presentation

Day Two
Session: Changing Customer Behaviour – What’s work and what doesn’t?
Time: 13:30
Format: Panel participation

For further information on Health Insurance Asia visit: www.healthinsurance-asia.com/agenda

SMG Technologies to feature at Connected Health Asia 2016

In May, SMG Technologies will be taking part in Connected Health Asia, one of the largest conferences for healthcare professionals in the Asia Pacific region. The conference, now in its third consecutive year, is a platform for the industry to share and explore insights around operational efficiencies, and practical implementation of innovative & connected technologies, to support the delivery of quality healthcare services. Read more

SMG Technologies presents at the Tech23 Awards

Sydney: SMG Technologies CEO, Zane Hall, presented the future of human analytics to an audience of innovative individuals at the Tech23 Awards hosted by SlatteryIT.

The day celebrated true Australian talent and provided an unforgettable experience where game-changing creations tackling key global issues were showcased. The SMG Technologies team were proud to be among the finalists.

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SMG Technologies named as one of Tech23 companies for 2015

SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) has been selected as one of the Tech23 companies for 2015, recognised as a world-class start up, tackling big problems through innovative technical expertise. See the link below for the full report:

SMG Technologies – Tech23 2015