The Best Technology Innovations in Sport, Our Pick: Hockey

In our last post, we looked at how the shot clock changed basketball for the better. This week we turn to the NHL, ice hockey, and look at how they have used technology to improve the sport. The four teams of the NHL played in their first game in 1917 and since then hockey has grown […]

Dr Anita Sirotic Speaks About Data Analytics and Performance at CONQA Elite Sport Summit

Anita Sirotic, Head of Sports Science and Product at SMG Technologies, spoke on High Performance and Maximising Data at the Conqa Elite Sport Summit 5 – 7 October 2016.

She spoke with 320 of the most talented, progressive sports practitioners in elite sport. The conference hosted practitioner from areas as diverse as ALF top cirque du soleil.

She shared her learnings from over 10 years of working as Head of Sports Science for NRL teams and her experience working at SMG Technologies to develop products to improve the accuracy, time and speed it takes to analyse data for professional sports.
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Great Product Design is the Result of Great Communication

“Talent wins games. Teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”


The immortal Michael Jordan would know a thing or two about success. He understood that an individual will be outmatched by a team, and a team without great communication is outperformed by one that does.

At SMG Technologies, our business is products that leverage technology to facilitate communication. For our SportsMed Elite platform, whether it’s between a player and coach, manager and team, scientist and physiotherapist, or data and the fans, we know great communication doesn’t just happen, it is the result of critical design thinking by talented minds, within a constructive framework, driven by business-led objectives.

“Technology on its own can start a dialogue, but design makes it a conversation.” Read more

Software Monitors Health and Wellbeing

Originally posted on  on August 26 2016

Brisbane based SMG Technologies has introduced Baseline, the first product available to offer the ability to tap into the same technology used by elite sporting professionals and large international colleges.

Baseline centralises communication tools, notifications and data from any source on staff and student health, wellbeing, training and performance. XELA, a predictive analytic engine collates, monitors and analyses the information and provides trends and changes in wellness, health or injury or behavioural patterns. This allows staff to be alerted to any issues, potential injuries or health concerns as well as saving valuable time with communicating and coordinating across large student numbers and sporting codes.

The Baseline platform can integrate with current school systems. Students, athletes and staff can access the mobile tool and update up to 22 Baseline metrics including sleep quality, fatigue, motivation, appetite, injury related variable and stress levels for that day.

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