The Best Technology Innovations in Sport, Our Pick: Basketball

Today technology is constantly shaping and changing how we see the world and while sports and technology doesn’t always seem like a natural combination, technology has been shaping sport for a while. From improving the game for athletes to making things more compelling for fans.

Over the next few weeks we’ll share some of our favourite innovations.

Sport: Basketball. Innovation: The Shot Clock. Year Introduced: 1954. Read more

SMG Technologies Partners with Touch Football Australia With Revolutionary Baseline Platform

BRISBANE, 13 AUG 2016 – SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) is excited to officially announce the official sporting body, Touch Football Australia will use its leading Baseline software.

Baseline provides teams with the ability to maximise resources, protect athletes and enhance performance with predictive insights into sports, wellness and performance data.

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Why you Need a Strategy When it Comes to Mental Wellness

If seeing inside meant you could help me,
would you fight for it?

School teachers only identify one-third of students with emotional or behavioural problems.
The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

You are vigilant. You are observant. You care. But what about the others?

Baseline Gives you Visibility over Student Health

The Baseline platform is the solution for teachers, parents and carers to gain visibility over student wellness across over 20 metrics, covering:

  • stress
  • sleep
  • mood
  • device usage
  • physical injury

Baseline analyses daily data inputs and when changes in behaviour pattern are identified, pushes alerts to nominated support personnel through a permissions-based triage. Over time, statistical foresight can prompt early intervention to prevent or minimise the effects of mental health problems

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A week in the life of a rugby athlete

James Grigson is an SMG Technologies’ sports science intern, talented rugby union player, and junior level coach. Currently, a third-year sports science student at the University of Queensland, James supports the product team in all facets of development. His primary focus is the strength and conditioning module for the SportsMed Elite and Baseline products. As a part-time strength and conditioning coach at a high performing sports school, James understands the demands and expectations of both an athlete and coach. Here, he shares his insights and explains how each athlete can get the most out training and boost their performance.

What does one think of when looking into the week of a rugby athlete? Think gruelling sessions clanging and banging the iron, explosive speed work, intense conditioning, fine tuning the set piece, physical contact work against the biggest bloke on the team (it happens every time) and of course game day. Not to mention the fact that you have a life, juggling work, your mates, family commitments, partners, levelling up on Pokemon GO (what happened to just playing FIFA?) It can be physically and mentally draining. In fact, it can become overwhelming. Now factor in trying to adequately reenergize the machine that is your body to perform at the best of your ability. With a few minor tweaks to your everyday routine and the assistance of performance monitoring software technology, training will be optimised, whilst on field game performances will be improved. Read more

The Importance of Athlete Welfare

World level coach and athlete, Robyn Saultry shares her experience and insights into athlete welfare and the essential role technology, specifically data collection and analysis can play.

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Perry happy to be back at Pymble

Ellyse Perry is featured by The North Shore Times on 6 May 2016, demonstrating to high performance athletes and students at Pymble Ladies’ College how they can best use SMG Technologies’ pioneering new technology, Baseline, to balance their studies and sporting commitments.

Our thanks to Ellyse for taking some time out from her busy training schedule to visit her former school and discover a few budding sporting stars of her own!

Ellyse Perry returns to Pymble Ladies’ College

SMG Technologies (SMG) ambassador Ellyse Perry recently went back to her former school, Pymble Ladies’ College to help launch and introduce Baseline to students. Baseline is the first product worldwide to offer schools the ability to coordinate and measure performance and wellness of student teams by tapping into the technology engine used by elite professionals and large international colleges.

Ellyse and one of SMG’s experts in High Performance and Sports Science, Naomi Wallis, talked to the school about the benefits they’ll see from using Baseline through an interactive workshop with thirty girls from the schools Elite Sportswomen’s Program.

We are witnessing a unique state of convergence of technology particularly in wearable technology which is no longer limited to just fitness bands. Tying in with the recent launch of Baseline; Ellyse talked about the factors that can affect sport performance at school from a first-hand experience and related it back to her time at Pymble Ladies’ College.

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SMG Technologies Brings Professional Analytics to Grassroots and School Sport with launch of Baseline

SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) has today launched Baseline; the first product worldwide to offer grassroots through to semi-elite and school-based clubs and teams of all sporting codes the opportunity to tap into the technology engine used by elite professionals.

Using its heritage in high performance analytics with SportsMed Elite, SMG Technologies has designed Baseline to help maximise visibility around patterns of athlete performance, with the ultimate goal of keeping them performing at their optimum. It also allows coaches and athletes to tackle the demands of team management, whilst providing a predictive model to protect athletes from potential injury.

Recognising that grassroots teams have the same ambition and challenges as elite professionals, Baseline is the only product on the market that provides relevant and effective performance metrics, at an accessible price point.

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