Workout Optimisation

So, you love to exercise? You’re hooked. You love the intensity and you simply love the pain! You love that you are making the effort to be healthy and keeping fit, it makes you feel great. However, over time you begin to feel unmotivated and have trouble finding the energy to complete the programs. You find yourself slipping down the leader board and you have no idea why. I guess nobody told you how to prioritise your training and recovery methods to optimise your performances. Through the incorporation of a few simple changes to your everyday routine and a new software technology, you will excel in not only the Box environment but in your everyday activities.

You can do all the training in the world and not see any real results if you are not fuelling your body correctly. Prior to and following any classes make sure you fuel your body in moderation with lean proteins and healthy fats and carbs. Eat on a regular basis and don’t skip meals, as more often than not this can have a detrimental affect on your training. Remember, what you put into your body not only aids your performances but it also assists in your recovery. Meaning, you’re less likely to skip sessions due to the overwhelming muscle soreness a class will likely produce.

Sleep and hydration go hand and hand with each other. Both are needed to illicit great performances in not only the Box environment, but in everyday activities as well. If you know you are getting up for a 5am class, turn off the TV, put down your phones and get to bed early; it is as simple as that. If you give your body the rest it deserves, you will reap the benefits tomorrow. The same can be said about your hydration. Don’t forget to take your water bottle to your classes and keep it with you throughout the day. Be fancy and infuse berries with you daily water intake! This will more than likely make the fact you need to consume up to 3 litres of water a day slightly more appealing!

I now want to bring to your attention the newest management system in the market, FitBox. Not only does it have great financial applications, it also comes with top grade health and wellness and performance monitoring tools. Athletes are now able to monitor their wellness on a daily basis, with up to 22 metrics ranging from sleep quality through to compartmentalised muscles soreness. This functionality has been used in the high performance sporting industry for years, and is now available for the everyday athlete to use.

From a scientific and analysis point of view, comparing wellness data with the performance data you obtain provides a well-rounded picture of how you are coping with varying training loads. You are not just looking into one area, you are taking into account all measures to gain a greater understanding of yourself and how this impacts your performances. Over time trends develop and athletes start to see, based on their wellness data, when are the best times for them to train and when they are most likely to get the most out of their training. Furthermore, when monitored correctly these measures can be used to decrease injury rates and increase recovery times, meaning you now can spend more time in the Box. Think of how beneficial this would be when monitored correctly.

Lastly, research tells us that the duration and quality of your warm up and cool downs should be taken into serious consideration, as they can reduce the occurrence of injuries in all sports. So, really focus on the warm up your coach puts through prior to ever class. Not only have they put in the effort to prepare you body as best as possible, it will help you in the long run. Remember at the end of the day to listen to your body and when you feel it needs a rest, take the day off. If you still want to keep your body moving, go for a hike or a swim, try something different. Make the most of the time you have dedicated to warming up and cooling down, ensuring your body is prepared for the intense training sessions.

It is quite simple you see; all you needed was to be told how! However, don’t just let this be contained to the workout environment. Take these words of advice into your daily routine. I have no doubt that you will start to feel changes immediately. Health and fitness is not a one off thing, it really is a way of life.