Sam Betten

The hidden message in sponsorship – how does an athlete sponsorship reflect your brand?

The latest issue of Triathlon Plus magazine in South Africa offered a very proud moment for the SMG Technologies team. One of our sponsored athletes, a man who has been and continues to be instrumental in the development of our products – Sam Betten – featured on the front cover. Sam is utterly deserving of this recognition within his sport and, in my opinion, he deserves more outside the triathlon and ultra-sport pages. He’s an incredible athlete.

This front cover not only filled me with pride for Sam’s success but also pride directed at SMG Technologies and our decision to sponsor him in relation to our SportsMed product. This front cover validates our decision but more so our strategy.

Triathlon Plus South Africa Sam Betten

At SMG Technologies we pay careful consideration to every aspect when deciding upon partnerships and sponsorships for all of our products. The name or profile of an athlete is not the overriding factor for our decision making. The most important considerations for SMG are that the athlete has the right values, their values reflect ours and they stay true to these values.

Too often in the world of sports sponsorship brands flock to the mega stars and for very little reward. There is risk that a brand becomes lost among the other logos, and key messages are diluted by an athlete appearing for too many other brands. This is especially true for smaller companies and for companies like SportsMed whose products and services are a vital but relatively hidden part of an athlete’s success.

At SMG Technologies we need our sponsored athletes to be more than our brand billboard. They have to be our brand voice.

We chose Sam to be one of the faces of our SportsMed product because he exemplifies what we see as our core values. Here is an athlete whose focus and determination holds no bounds. He knows that in sport the margins between winning and losing are fine, and therefore he searches for the minor gains, studying his body and educating himself on various aspects of his life and training to find anything that will deliver an improvement on the bike, in the water, or out on the road.

This meticulous nature is what SMG Technologies prides itself on. We work tirelessly to truly understand the needs of our users. What can we offer that is going to genuinely enhance the SportsMed experience? It’s a question that always has a new answer and we love it.

As such we have created a product that goes beyond what our competitors can offer in terms of our analytics engine and predictive capabilities. The SportsMed product can correlate, analyse and report on more data streams than most of our competitors. It provides our users better insights into their training, rest, recovery and performance as a minimum and then goes further and deeper into the daily lives of the athletes to get a more clear understanding. The platform presents data in a way that’s easy to understand but also has direct impact on an athlete’s performance. Our partners and athletes love the product we have delivered and interest in what we offer is constantly rising.

We are not the big well-known brand name, yet, because our attentions have been targeted at creating the best possible product for our elite athletes in our formative years. We decided that investing time and effort into marketing and PR campaigns in that stage of the SMG life would distract from the end goal. We have focused, like the athletes we sponsor, we will not go into competition – so to speak – until we are ready. We’ve been working hard behind the scenes. We’ve analysed, scrutinised, educated and developed and the time is right for us to be noticed. It’s game day.

Our marketing strategy will absolutely call upon the athletes we sponsor. Sam Betten and Ellyse Perry, the “Golden Girl” of Australian sport. Each athlete, whilst different in nature, has a core set of values that truly reflect SMG Technologies’ own.

We will also be working with these supreme competitors to constantly enhance and improve the SportsMed product because, like them, we never stop striving to improve.

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