SMG Technologies celebrates Australian innovation as its Elite Teams Sports solutions acquired

World’s Most Advanced Athlete Management Systems Acquired

SMG Technologies celebrates Australian innovation as its Elite Teams Sports solutions acquired

BRISBANE, 7 August 2017 – SMG Technologies Ltd (SMG) has announced today that they have entered into an agreement with Catapult Group International Ltd to acquire its leading edge SportsMed Elite and Baseline athlete management system (AMS) products.

SportsMed Elite was SMGs leading sporting team platform with an existing global user base of elite sporting clubs and associations. The modularised cloud-based platform acts as a store of team data and information, including player wellness metrics, injury and medicals records, wearable data, and video. Permission based access enables coaches and staff to run reporting across multiple data sets for their entire organisation, and with an advanced communications portal to securely manage team calendars and player communication from within the platform. By bringing together coaching, strength and conditioning and medical data, the platform delivers an analytics layer that helps elite organisations make better and more informed decisions.

Baseline was developed to fulfil the growing demand for a team AMS solution specifically designed for the sub-elite market, with a simplified set of features delivering intuitive functionality and insights specifically for schools and semi-professional sporting groups.

Zane Hall, CEO of SMG said: “It has been an exciting few years working in the athlete management space and creating these products that are leading edge on a global level. I am proud of my team who have developed and supported the brands and their platforms and challenged existing systems to gain such advancement. We are excited about this opportunity with Catapult and to support their growth as the leader in the performance technology stack for the elite team’s market.”

Commenting on the Transaction, Bevin Shields, Head of Corporate Development at Catapult said: “The products already have a highly engaged global user base spanning elite clubs, leagues, colleges, universities, and high schools. We think there is an exciting opportunity to leverage our existing channels and roll out a uniquely integrated Catapult AMS solution that benefits both our growing customer base and the broader market.”

SMG is a pioneer of technology solutions that address a fundamental issue facing organisations and individuals, the ability to gain valuable insights and predictions in behaviours from any data gathered across multiple sources. This is advanced predictive human analytics, and SMG has the proven ability in creating software which uses data to accurately predict performance and behaviours in populations down to the individual level.

“This is a really exciting time for my organisation as we spearhead the globe as leaders in Advanced Predictive Human Analytics. The work we are doing in some innovative organisations with XELA provides a solution for advancement in health, wellness and performance management for enterprise.” Zane Hall, CEO SMG.

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SMG Technologies is the master brand and owner of proprietary software products which employ bleeding edge analytics to aggregate data from hundreds of different data sources. SMG Technologies was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, employing 30 people in Australia and with teams in the UK and USA as well.

Vikki O’Shannessey

Chief Marketing Officer

Vikki is a vastly experienced marketing practitioner with 25 years of working with global, industry-leading technology corporations in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Vikki brings to SMG Technologies a track record of accomplishment in planning and delivering integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and is instrumental in shaping the business’ strategic direction, corporate partnerships and new business acquisition.

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