• SMG’s 2018 Whitepaper

    The impact of improving wellbeing: Employee engagement & stress reduction

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SMG’s 2018 Whitepaper

The impact of improving wellbeing: Employee engagement & stress reduction

For more than a decade, SMG have been enhancing team performance through tracking and improving individual wellbeing. In this time, technological advancements have driven wellbeing initiatives resulting in increased awareness and ease of adoption across the globe. Wellbeing encompasses a vast number of areas, in this report we will be examining how wellbeing impacts workplace stress and employee engagement. Human resource (HR) professionals and organisational executives everywhere, have focused on creating HR
strategies to combat challenges in these areas for decades. However, just as our global environment is in a constant state of flux, so are our strategies.

HR strategies have gone through an evolution, the industrial era saw the introduction of unions, the mid-1900s the establishment of progressive legislations, the 1990s saw a shift to flexibility and diversity, with new concepts such as psychological contracts. Fast forward to today, we’re focused on a new set of issues, such as in recruitment- the selection of best talent and cultural fit, and in people management-understanding the differences between Gen X and Gen Y. Each approach to strategy provides value but what is becoming clearer is the requirement for organisations to adopt a tailored approach, as no one size fits all.

For more information, click here for downloading SMG’s 2018 Whitepaper

Kylee Randall

Head of Consultancy & Special Projects

Kylee Randall has spent the last 17 years in roles focussed on developing high productivity, resilient cultures in corporations. She has successfully delivered complex projects that integrate technology and people. Kylee has witnessed the value wellbeing provides to organisations, striving to promote this mentality in all projects. Kylee’s qualifications include a business degree, Master of Business Administration (Sustainable Business) and she is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma in IT.

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