• New Wearables: Exogen, How Damaged is Your DNA?

New Wearables: Exogen, How Damaged is Your DNA?

This week we look at Exogen a project on Indiegogo, a crowdfunding website, that makes “DNA damage” testing a breeze.

Your DNA gets damaged from interactions with various chemicals and environmental agents. While some damage is unavoidable certain activities are more damaging than others and scientists have linked DNA damage to cancer and premature ageing.

Exogen was created by a group of Berkeley scientists because they believe that tracking DNA damage will help individuals how their lifestyles are affecting their DNA either positively or negatively.

“It’s a novel idea,” Tam, UX designer at SMG Technologies, “It’s like something from science fiction but I think this type of testing will be more popular in the future especially as people become more aware of how the environment can interact with their health.”

Check out the project and let us know is this the next evolution of healthcare?

Vikki O’Shannessey

Chief Marketing Officer

Vikki is a vastly experienced marketing practitioner with 25 years of working with global, industry-leading technology corporations in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Vikki brings to SMG Technologies a track record of accomplishment in planning and delivering integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and is instrumental in shaping the business’ strategic direction, corporate partnerships and new business acquisition.


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