Improving Health Outcomes, One Point at a Time

Data does (and always will) move faster than infrastructure. That’s a truth; and one that’s never more apparent than when we look at the health & wellness industries.

In just under a month I will be winging my way to Singapore for the health event of the region; The Annual Asia Healthcare Summit. This event serves as a key platform for analysing and discussing where the industry is moving, and what we – as experts & innovators in the field – can do to support the sector into the future.

I expect that within the two-day conference, ‘data’ will be a rather topical subject.

As we know, one of the biggest challenges facing the health sector is the amount of provision required for preventable lifestyle and related illnesses. Illnesses like obesity, type-2 diabetes & cardiovascular disease, are putting a strain on health systems and adding complications for insurance companies. This is a very real issue, and one that is only becoming more prevalent across the world.

The purposeful, meaningful application of advanced analytics, ensures vast improvements to engagement models, supporting the efficient & effective delivery of prevention, wellness & coordinated care strategies. It allows for greater personalisation, with fewer resources, providing reach & scale in a sector hamstrung by cost pressures & legacy business models.

SMG Technologies, is an intelligence company that delivers in software. Our global panel of subject matter experts, our unique offering in Human Analytics, and our track record of sustainably improving health outcomes, has us well placed at the forefront of the digital transition as we move the sector into the future.

If you are attending the Asia Healthcare Summit, you can find me speaking at the 10th Annual Health Insurance Asia event in following sessions:

Day One
Session: Predictive Healthcare Analytics and the individual
Time: 15:50
Format: Presentation

Day Two
Session: Changing Customer Behaviour – What’s work and what doesn’t?
Time: 13:30
Format: Panel participation

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