Great Product Design is the Result of Great Communication

“Talent wins games. Teamwork and intelligence wins championships.”


The immortal Michael Jordan would know a thing or two about success. He understood that an individual will be outmatched by a team, and a team without great communication is outperformed by one that does.

At SMG Technologies, our business is products that leverage technology to facilitate communication. For our SportsMed Elite platform, whether it’s between a player and coach, manager and team, scientist and physiotherapist, or data and the fans, we know great communication doesn’t just happen, it is the result of critical design thinking by talented minds, within a constructive framework, driven by business-led objectives.

“Technology on its own can start a dialogue, but design makes it a conversation.”

This principle lies at the very heart of our team’s approach to developing market-leading solutions in wellness technology. We believe that great design is the result of great conversation between those who use our products and those that build them. At the inception of any new product we bring together experts from across elite sport, health and wellness together with our own team of sports scientists, designers and engineers. It is in this collaboration that we define the challenges and be inspired by the opportunities.

“We know that to be leaders we need to design beyond the limits of the status quo, innovate to improve current paradigms, and not be afraid of failure, but instead allow it to inform our next step.”

The result is a robust discussion and a smorgasbord of exciting concepts. Each one is scrutinised against the business goals and then enters a process of ideation to be designed, refined, developed and implemented in the field. From in situ user experience testing with industry-leading clients, data is collated and analysed – the results of which can be as humbling as they are empowering but will always produce a more informed platform to build upon.

“Feedback is critical when dealing with interfaces for humans, to a system built by humans, generating insights to inform humans.”

An open and honest design process free of preconceptions often leads to unexpected outcomes, allowing us as a team to develop new approaches to existing problems and venture into new areas where we can apply our expertise. Most importantly it reveals imperfections in the relationship between the technology and the very human problems that the technology aims to solve.

This ‘human-centered’ approach is the backbone of an ongoing relationship with all our clients as their feedback is incorporated into our ongoing design discussion. The result is a suite of products that are continually updated and refined in direct response to client and market needs.

Technology makes our business possible. Design makes it exceptional.