• Can Incidental Exercise Contribute to My Physical Wellbeing?

Can Incidental Exercise Contribute to My Physical Wellbeing?

Many adults struggle to fit planned exercise into each day however it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re “inactive”. Incidental activity is still physical activity and can provide more value than some realise.

Incidental activity refers to any activity where you’re being active. We can easily incorporate incidental activity into our work days, and personal days.

Incidental activity at home may include:

  • Doing the washing and ironing;
  • Cooking a healthy meal and washing up afterwards;
  • Gardening;
  • Vacuuming and mopping;
  • Doing hobbies such as carpentry, or automobile repair.

Incidental activity throughout your workday may include:

  • Walking meetings rather than sitting around a table;
  • Taking the stairs instead of the lift;
  • Parking further from the office to walk further;
  • Using a stand-up desk;
  • Walking to your colleagues to ask questions, rather than email.

The above everyday activities can also be “supercharged”. For example:

  • Activate your abs and glutes when doing housework – Tighten your ab muscles throughout the day. This helps protect your back and will also build your abdominal muscles. Tightening your glute muscles while vacuuming and walking assists in a similar way.
  • Lunge vacuum cleaning – While you’re walking around with the vacuum cleaner, take lunges instead of steps.
  • Squat while you’re folding laundry – Squatting can be done wide leg or narrow, you can even squat while on your tippy toes to work other areas of your thighs and glutes.
  • Dance through housework – Dancing is a great cardio exercise and a load of fun. Turn on your favourite song and dance while you’re cleaning.

The SMG Kiqplan application considers incidental household chores in your daily activity diary. Users can record a range of household chores from gardening, laundry and ironing through to carpentry and automobile repair. Don’t forget to record your household chores in your daily diary to understand just how much your incidental exercise is contributing to your overall wellbeing.

Kylee Randall

Head of Consultancy & Special Projects

Kylee Randall has spent the last 17 years in roles focussed on developing high productivity, resilient cultures in corporations. She has successfully delivered complex projects that integrate technology and people. Kylee has witnessed the value wellbeing provides to organisations, striving to promote this mentality in all projects. Kylee’s qualifications include a business degree, Master of Business Administration (Sustainable Business) and she is currently studying a Post Graduate Diploma in IT.

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