• The Best Technology Innovations in Sport

The Best Technology Innovations in Sport, Our Pick: Instant Replay

Last post we looked at hockey’s Goal-Line technology and how it changed the way the game was scored. This time, we look at instant replay.  Instant reply is so ingrained in how we watch sports today it’s easy to forget that there was a time before it existed.

Sport: NFL, Basketball, Hockey. Innovation: Instant Replay. Year Introduced: 1986.

The NFL was one of the leading adopters of the technology, introducing an early version of the rule in 1986, with basketball and hockey following later.

Instant replay in football, basketball and hockey has changed what happens on the field with officiating calls being overturned after the review of a replay.

Instant replay’s flow on effects is that fans can watch in detail, the plays that have just taken place. In fact, this addition to the game has been credited with the rise of popularity of televised sports.

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