Asia Healthcare Summit 2016 – The New Technology Frontier

The 2nd Asia Healthcare Summit, held in Singapore, brought together more than 300 of the healthcare industry’s leading minds and representatives. These included public, government, private, insurers, subject matter experts, and industry partners.

The conference covered three key areas; connected health, healthcare facilities, and health insurance – each area having its own nuances. Being the only advanced analytics partner in attendance, SMG Technologies was proud to feature in both a panel discussion, as well as a keynote presentation on the role of advanced analytics in healthcare. SMG Technologies shared key insights into the benefits of advanced analytics as a predictive tool within organisations and how the meaningful and purposeful application of intelligent data analytics can vastly improve healthcare outcomes.

The biggest challenge currently facing the South East Asia region, (including India and China), is the fact it is approaching an inflection point as the market matures in a similar manner to its more developed counterparts. The spectrum is wide, from early stage legislation and regulation around the public healthcare system in Myanmar, Thailand and Indonesia, to a declared strategy to combat lifestyle-related chronic illness such as Type Two diabetes in Singapore and many in between. The challenge stems from the abundance of information that is circulating rapidly without a support network to make sense of it. The health insurance space needs to rely on expertise and technology, as this supports the information by not only making sense of it, but also by identifying the opportunities that can be drawn from it.However, there is a readiness to change and an opportunity to cherry-pick the areas of best practice and evidenced success from more mature markets, is ripe. It is recognised with the abundance of data that remains in silos, without a support network or the expertise to make sense and maximise its use, that opportunities are lost. Technology was spoken about in some detail, particularly around the areas of prevention and wellness and the general feeling within the region is that the role of technology can no longer be a nice to have. It is essential.

SMG Technologies featured in many discussions on the use of technology by the health space and are well placed to support the maturity of the healthcare industry within the region. This means offering a low disruption solution to those markets seeking to transform their digital strategy. SMG brings the intelligence beyond the technology, particularly in relation to information flow and management, and data collection and management, for which any program, business unit, change strategy, external relationship, and business objective, can be significantly enhanced by.

Market leaders are unsure what tomorrow will look like in the digital world. This is an industry-wide challenge in all world-wide markets. However, by embracing advanced analytics and technology providers, SMG Technologies sees this as an opportunity to help market leaders on this journey. Our effort and our relationship in the space see ubiquity in some of the challenges around moving and embracing technology and offering a truly end to end digital solution.

We look forward to attending the Summit next year and being an integral part of the future changes within the healthcare sector across the Asia Pacific region. With our technology solutions and human analytics capabilities, SMG Technologies can help shape the future of health outcomes with predictive intelligence which is critical to strategic decisions moving forward for every organisation.

SMG Technologies is very well placed at the forefront of intelligence-based technology, to support this journey, and will have a strong presence within the region in the coming months and years.