Dr Anita Sirotic Speaks About Data Analytics and Performance at CONQA Elite Sport Summit

Anita Sirotic, Head of Sports Science and Product at SMG Technologies, spoke on High Performance and Maximising Data at the Conqa Elite Sport Summit 5 – 7 October 2016.

She spoke with 320 of the most talented, progressive sports practitioners in elite sport. The conference hosted practitioner from areas as diverse as ALF top cirque du soleil.

She shared her learnings from over 10 years of working as Head of Sports Science for NRL teams and her experience working at SMG Technologies to develop products to improve the accuracy, time and speed it takes to analyse data for professional sports.


A believer in the power of “the more you know the more you can do” and a data enthusiast and Anita is an instrumental part of making out products simpler so that professional sports and the other organisations can have  insights into their athletes, people and processes and make better decisions.

Anita’s talk was a well-received highlight at the Conqa conference. She spoke in-depth about her experience in professional sport.


Anita Sirotic on stage before the event


The event was really a meeting of minds and brought together the best and the brightest from the elite sporting world. Thanks for having us Conqa. Can’t wait for next year.

Cape Town, Date: 5 – 7 October 2016
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