SMG Technologies celebrates Australian progress and innovation as it acquires a corporate employee wellness technology company based in the United Kingdom


SMG Technologies celebrates Australian progress and innovation as it acquires a corporate employee wellness technology company based in the United Kingdom

BRISBANE, 20 September 2017 – SMG Technologies Pty Ltd (SMG) has announced today that they have entered into an agreement to purchase Kin Wellness Ltd, a London-based technology company. Kin Group Plc was the original AIM listed holding company of Kin Wellness Limited, a leading provider of corporate digital wellness services. After a series of changes within the original organisation today, Kin Wellness will be part of the SMG product portfolio.  A core team of employees will be retained in the UK with further expansion to support growth, with new offices being planned in Asia and the USA.

SMG is a pioneer of technology solutions that address a fundamental issue facing organisations and individuals; the ability to gain valuable insights and predictions in behaviours from any data gathered across multiple sources. This is Artificial Intelligence (AI) and SMG has the proven ability in creating software which uses data to accurately predict performance and behaviours in populations, down to the individual level. One emerging and critical focus is the area of employee wellness, as businesses today face increasing challenges with staff health and welfare.

Zane Hall, CEO of SMG said: “It has been an exciting few years in SMG as we have recently had two of our leading athlete management products, SportsMed Elite and Baseline, on the radar and then purchased by the Catapult Group as part of their global expansion. In return this has allowed our team to focus on our core business in advanced predictive human analytics with a suite of solutions for enterprises. We are excited about this opportunity with our new acquisition of Kin Wellness, and to be a truly global player of innovation with a customer base across the globe.”

Kin empowers employers to create a positive culture of health within their organisation to maximise performance, boost morale through higher engagement, and reduce absenteeism and the risk of chronic illness. Kin delivers their holistic approach to wellness via data-driven, scalable turnkey solutions. The modular and adaptive system is customisable to integrate seamlessly with any organisation’s existing programmes.

Kin has a number of strategic partnerships in the United Kingdom and internationally, including customers in Asia, the United States, Australia and Europe.

“I am proud of my team who have developed and supported the brands and their platforms and challenged existing systems to gain such advancement. This is a really exciting time for my organisation as we spearhead the globe as leaders in Artificial Intelligence (AI). The work we are doing in some innovative organisations with XELA provides a solution for advancement in healthcare, wellness and performance management for enterprise.” Zane Hall, CEO SMG.

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Chief Marketing Officer
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About SMG Technologieswww.smg-technologies.com

SMG Technologies is the master brand and owner of proprietary software products which employ leading edge predictive analytics and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to aggregate data from any data sources to deliver valuable business outcomes. SMG Technologies was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in Brisbane, Australia, employing 30 people in Australia and with teams in the UK and USA.

About Kin Wellness Europe  – www.kinwellness.com/

Kin Wellness delivers corporate wellness solutions that empower people and organisations to make incremental improvements to their overall health and wellbeing that pay lifetime dividends. Kin Wellness Europe is owned by SMG Technologies, with customers globally and offices based in London and Brisbane.

Vikki O’Shannessey

Chief Marketing Officer

Vikki is a vastly experienced marketing practitioner with 25 years of working with global, industry-leading technology corporations in New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom. Vikki brings to SMG Technologies a track record of accomplishment in planning and delivering integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and is instrumental in shaping the business’ strategic direction, corporate partnerships and new business acquisition.

SMG Kiqplan helps organisations build effective corporate wellbeing policies, focusing on physical activity, nutrition, mental health and sleep. https://t.co/X3xU5nT2Bz via @YouTube

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