Why you Need a Strategy When it Comes to Mental Wellness

If seeing inside meant you could help me,
would you fight for it?

School teachers only identify one-third of students with emotional or behavioural problems.
The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

You are vigilant. You are observant. You care. But what about the others?

Baseline Gives you Visibility over Student Health

The Baseline platform is the solution for teachers, parents and carers to gain visibility over student wellness across over 20 metrics, covering:

  • stress
  • sleep
  • mood
  • device usage
  • physical injury

Baseline analyses daily data inputs and when changes in behaviour pattern are identified, pushes alerts to nominated support personnel through a permissions-based triage. Over time, statistical foresight can prompt early intervention to prevent or minimise the effects of mental health problems

The rates of depression in 11–17 year olds is double when self-reported than when parents or carers did so.
The mental health of children and adolescents (2015): australian government

Empowers Students Through Self-awareness

  • Self-reporting provides higher rates of compliance and accuracy.
  • Students understand the influences that impact them daily

Personalised Feedback to Encourage Continued Engagement

  • Students in need of help can be proactively supported in confidence.
  • Staff are given a holistic and comprehensive view of each individual student.

Connecting Communities

  • Allows parents, staff and students to communicate via a common portal to ensure study, training and other activities are managed.

Help From Anywhere at Anytime

  • Baseline is a cloud-based system adapted for desktops, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Students in need can further reach out to their support network with one-click.

Around 128,000 (7.5%) of young people aged 12–17 years had seriously considered suicide in the previous 12 months.
The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

Visibility Over Community Health

  • Understand the triggers, context, routine and pain points of school environments and events.
  • Visibility and data guides the implementation and planning of appropriate strategies.

Holistic Health Profile

  • Profiles are centralised securely for the duration of a student’s academic career.
  • Stored information includes emergency contact details, medical records, health history, immunisations, and injuries.
  • Baseline integrate with existing it infrastructure and other sources for complete overview.

Reduce the Stigma Surrounding Mental Health

    • Self-reporting and feedback tools educate students on mental health symptoms.
    • Recognition of symptoms for increases likelihood of seeking help and allows more accountability for own health.


1-in-7 children and adolescents aged 14–17 years experience a mental disorder.
The Mental Health of Children and Adolescents (2015): Australian Government

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