• Digital Wellness Revolution

What we do

Our core focus is providing advanced predictive data analytics. We offer organisations, teams and enterprises a solution designed for their needs that includes a focus on eCommerce processes, business and team performance, health and wellness outcomes and delivering leading edge results. A cloud suite of solutions available on any device, anywhere at any time.

Considered Technology Ecosystem

Advanced Predictive Analytics re-imaged means informed and improved decision-making

The critical role we play is in the delivery of providing organisations and individuals with essential, purposeful and personalised insights. 
Our solutions support team or athlete performance and offer supporting preventative healthcare solutions 
for companies working with patients, members or customers on their wellness journey.


We can integrate with most devices, wearable products and apps that an organisation requires information from to ensure real-time collation of key data considerations. Information is easily obtained and accessed across desktop and via the mobile ensuring efficiency and real time viewing.


As a global services provider, we work with the best internally to ensure your requirements are understood, developed and supported over the life of our relationship. Our team include PhDs in Data Science, Research, Exercise Science & Human Movement, we have our own team of Engineers and designers and enterprise consultants to support our clients.


Our product roadmap includes 12 feature releases and upgrades per year, included in the licensing, with optional acceptance. We have a comprehensive line of products.


Our platform aggregates data seamlessly, from multiple sources allowing for one source of truth. We offer machine learning & deep learning capabilities.


We work with objective data, both ours and the clients, and further extend this with our panel of subject matter experts.


Our platform offers minimal technical disruption on the side of the client – we can provide a set of APIs for easy integration.


Unique & generic recommendations, alerts & predictions, with fully configurable functionality for each member journey / track, providing dual 2-way connectivity with each unique member.


The platform is fully modularized, allowing the client to configure features and functions from all our expertise.


Our solutions allow for add-on service customisations and capabilities as business requirements expand, including: Business Intelligence, Paperless AdministrationContent ManagementLead Management, POS, Customer Engagement.


We attract, develop and retain the best and the brightest, by encouraging innovation and applying the right resources to each individual project to deliver leading edge solutions that meet business requirements and ensure quality and value.

What sets us apart

Our Advanced Predictive Analytics product Xela is a world first. Built by the same team of scientists and engineers across all our product range Xela can be added to any solution. With algorithms that collate all your data sources and an engine that adapts with each new data entry, eliminating the guesswork to support daily activities, decision-making and analysis of potential actions.

Using Xela, we deliver insights to businesses that empower informed decisions to be made using predictive algorithms and trend analysis, transforming large amounts of data into powerful knowledge.

Xela can:

  • Collate and track any data variable easily and accurately
  • Monitor engagement with real-time data
  • Aggregate and analyse performance and wellness information
  • Deliver risk and opportunity alerts based on data analysis
  • Manage activity calendars and collaborate with stakeholders
  • Be accessed from any device through the digital eco-system
  • Analyse trends and predictions without pressuring resources
  • Be customised for individual business needs
  • Produce effective reports that increase Return on Investment

Our Xela solution can be connected into your technology ecosystem to provide deeper and real insights