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In any organisation data can be hard to manage without the proper tools.

That’s where we come in. We’re the experts in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data, providing your organisation with the­­­­ ability to gather information from any source, analyse and perform algorithms relevant to business objectives, monitor behaviour patterns and trends to make well informed decisions, This gives your organisation the competitive advantage.

We tailor our solution to individual organisations regardless of their size or their industry. The predictive engine within Xela, provides a versatile platform that can be used to analyse any user-generated data and make predictive insights.

We also integrate with connectivity technologies, for examples wearables and devices. By collecting data from these and pairing it with our analytic engine and expertise you can easily use your data to make better decisions.

Customer experience and service is enhanced by gathering data and making sense of it. This gives you the power understand your customer needs.

Our Channel Partners are a core part of our fabric and key to our global presence.

We view relationships as the currency of success, and actively welcome like-minded partnerships to join us on the exciting growth journey we are on.

Zane Hall – CEO SMG

The ability to better understand your customers means you can:

  • Increase frequency of purchase by pre-empting changes in consumer preferences
  • Drive customer satisfaction by personalising feedback and brand experiences
  • Enhanced visibility and monitoring of campaigns
  • Social content enhanced by understanding customer interests
  • Leverage your customer’s use of wearables
  • Use predictive commerce to maximise per currency spend
  • Ability to run a trial in specific segments or location

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