• Human Analytics Experts

    At SMG we are committed to applying innovative data analysis to tangible business and human challenges. We work across different industries to champion real insights to improve organisation results and productivity and to support individuals to live healthier lives.

Our Vision

A shared vision leads to shared success.

We are champions of change in business performance, productivity and wellness. We deliver real insights  and predictions in patterns that drive improvement and results for both individuals and organisations.

We help implement new architecture to better understand and anticipate individual outcomes. We aim to be a company recognised for innovation, and an advocate for social good, counted upon to deliver quality and excellence.

Our Team

Our team of global experts including enterprise consultants, data scientists, software engineers and designers has combined brainpower that supported the development of Xela, the worlds first advanced predictive analytics engine. Our passion and commitment to deliver innovative and advanced solutions is ongoing and we work directly with our customers to ensure we build solutions that impact results.

Working with stakeholders from across a wide range of industries including elite sport, insurance and healthcare we continue to conduct research into better ways to use complex data analysis to solve real problems. We call this human analytics.

We have a team of corporate experts based working across the globe supporting our customers directly and work with partners in Asia, the United States and Europe to develop solutions that are results driven.

    Our History

    Backed by over a decade of use in elite sport and a team of experts, we have developed credibility in harnessing data to make better decisions.

    SMG’s heritage originates from a New Zealand client, New Zealand Rugby Union (NZRU) including the All Blacks, which adopted the original company technology RugbyMed. The platform assisted with injury management and rehabilitation programmes for the entire rugby union.

    Since 2010 significant investment has been made in developing our platform solutions to include an Analytics Gateway product for all our customers. Further advancements have been executed with the offering of an advanced predictive analytics product, Xela that advances data results to a new level. We work with enterprise organisations across the globe to deliver performance, and wellness technology solutions unique to their requirements. Visionary healthcare organisations and enterprises are now leveraging the real-time insights to drive revenue or improve efficiency.

    Today SMG offers a range of innovative and leading edge solutions unique to the specialised needs of different market sectors, organisations types and roles including;

      • Corporate and Enterprise programs
      • Insurance providers
      • Elite individuals in intense regime environments eg military
      • Enterprises requiring advanced BI and predictive modelling
      •  Healthcare services
      • Tertiary education and academies
      • Community duty of care functions
      • Public Sector and Community Services

    Powered by expert knowledge. Backed with tangible data.

    Our Technology

    Using Xela to deliver real time insights to businesses that empower informed decisions.

    Any variable or data set can be monitored and measured.  Using Xela to collate any source and the advanced predictive algorithms, trending analysis and results including predictive insights can be delivered to transform large volumes of all data into powerful knowledge.

    Powered by Knowledge From

    • Scientists and health advocates
    • Leading nutrition and elite human performance experts
    • Experts in mathematics, eCommerce and software engineering
    • A specialised team of dedicated designers and developers