We’re a global technology company focused on delivering insights to improve lives and mitigate the likelihood of risk. Each of our products is underpinned by this philosophy.

Driving activity

Our digital technologies support the holistic approach to wellbeing and a healthy lifestyle. Our technology platform can collate, measure, track and report on any health, welfare or business parameter.

We have the Digital technology platform that collects data from any source;  spreadsheets, 3rd party products, manual input, wearables, apps or devices. With all measurable parameters acting as valid data points. The result – gain real insights.

Our artificial intelligence analytics engine Xela, uses data to identify statistically significant relationships and behavioural patterns. The real and validated insights gained support business decisions, workplace, health and related program focus.

Our specialities

Empowering public and private sector to maximise data in order to support business and community objectives, such as reducing costs and the risk of chronic illness.

Identifying “At risk” profiles for insurance and health-based organisations. Supporting intervention and prevention programs and delivering results and financial returns.

The analysis of data from individuals; patient, employee or elite athlete, under “normal” or heightened health and activity conditions, will support programs of wellbeing or intervention. These are statistically based .


Leading edge SaaS platform for organisations to support healthier communities and business performance based on measurable trends and insights.

Utilising machine learning, Xela processes data sets, including human statistics against our database of 35 million variants, delivering predictive health related insights.

Advanced technology platform for measuring and testing concussion and head trauma. Developed in conjunction with clinical neuropsychologist Dr Andrew Gardner. Currently in validation.

Need direction?

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An artificial intelligence predictive analytics engine that automates the collation of data from any source and delivers analysis. Gain real insights that are locked behind spreadsheets, wearable devices, and proprietary systems. The confidence you need to make informed decisions

Applying healthcare industry examples, we develop individual risk analysis on possible disease developments. Launching automatic intervention programs, allows us to provide a platform encouraging healthy living. These insights benefit the end user, insurance companies and healthcare providers.

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